Major Art Exhibitions

Year Title of the exhibition Venue City
2017 Geometry of Nature and of the Imaginary Art Gallery L'Atelier Bologna
2016 The Two-Faced Arti-Janus Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)
2015 From Bit to It 11th Day of the Contemporary Artist Bologna
2013 Smart Art Contest, Los Alamos, USA
2013 More Geometrico Demonstrata 9th Day of the Contemporary Artist Bologna
2012 Metamorphosis, Shapes and Math Math Feast (Organized by Bruno D’Amore) Riccione
2012 Geometric Atmospheres Art Gallery Molino del Groppo Pavia
2011 Confluences Castel San Pietro Terme Bologna
2010 Morfeonica Sala Silentium Quartiere San Vitale Bologna
2009 Ludus ex Machina Science Festival Palazzo Ducale Genova
2008 The Muse and the Algorithm 2nd Math Festival (Organized by Piergiorgio Odifreddi) Auditorium, Rome
2008 The Muse and the Algorithm Knowledge Festival Santa Maria Gualtieri (Pavia)
2007 The Forge of Shapes: Show of mathematical craftsmanship Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)
2003 The Computed Image (Organized by Bruno D’Amore), Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)
2002 Computerkunst Gladbeck (Germany)
2001 Pixxelpoint Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
2000 Pixxelpoint Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
1998 Computerkunst Gladbeck (Germany)
1996 Computerkunst Gladbeck (Germany)
1995 Digital Expressions Trieste
1994 Computerkunst Gladbeck (Germany)
1987 Geometry of Nature Hotel Carlton Bologna
1986 Venice Biennial Art and Science Section (Organized by Giorgio Celli) Venice